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What is Software Reporter Tool?

What is Software Reporter Tool?
What is Software Reporter Tool

Software Reporter Tool

In this article you will get complete information regarding Chrome Software Tool, the issues it creates and how to solve them.

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What is a Software Reporter Tool?

Software reporter tool is a Google Chrome application that keeps an eye on your browser so that any malicious add-on or forced advertisement could be prevented. This application is also used to send feed-back and crash reports of websites to chrome.

The main purpose of the software reporter tool is to make your experience better on Chrome browser. You can find this application with the name ‘software_reporter_tool.exe’ in your system and it automatically downloads when you install google chrome in your PC.

That’s why, the user is unaware of this application. the main function of chrome software reporter tool is to send scheduled reports to chrome regarding any suspicious software present in your PC that may affect your browsing experience. The Software Reporter Tool is an executable file which is why it works automatically.

What is Software Reporter Tool

What is Software Reporter Tool | Issues and Solutions?

Chrome software reporter tool helps to keep malicious programs away from your browser and keeps it smooth. It has some issues too, find the solution here.’

What is Reporter Tool High CPU issue?

This software reporter tool also has some drawbacks, one of its main drawbacks is that it makes your CPU high because it is running multiple times in the background.

To see this thing you need to open ‘Task Manager’ by pressing ctrl+alt+del. There you will notice ‘software_reporter_tool.exe’ running multiple instances. Users have reported that this thing can occupy more than 50% of system memory which certainly makes the CPU slower.

The question is why this happens? It happens because the chrome software reporter tool is a self-executable application and while you are using the browser and any page crashes then the tool becomes active and if this process gets repeated then your computer becomes slow.

And the second issue chrome software reporter tool makes is by getting hanged, the software won’t respond and your google chrome gets stuck. This also makes you equally annoyed.


Where to find Chrome Software Reporter Tool?

Software reporter tool is installed through google chrome and it is located in the chrome application data folder inside the SwReporter folder with the name of ‘software_reporter_tool.exe’. This folder also contains other files regarding your chrome like saved passwords, bookmarks and settings.

There are multiple ways to open the location of software_reporter_tool.

What is Software Reporter Tool
What is Software Reporter Tool

Method 1:

Open the task manager and right click on ‘software_reporter-tool.exe’ then click ‘Open File Location’.

There you will find the ‘software_reporter_tool.exe’ file which is an executable application.

Method 2:

Open ‘Run Dialog Box’ by pressing ‘windows key + R’ at the same time.

Then insert below given syntax and press enter

Syntax: %localappdata%\Google\Chrome\User Data\SwReporter


Is Software Reporter Tool a virus?

No, This isn’t a virus at all. The software reporter tool is a Google application that gets installed with google chrome browser and it is completely safe. This is only a Google certified and authentic Google app which helps to keep your browser safe. Another important thing for you to know is that chrome software reporter tool does not have network connection of any kind which clearly means that it only sends reports to google.

No antivirus software has ever detected software reporter tool as a virus.


Diff. b/w Chrome Software Reporter Tool and Chrome Clean-up Tool.

Both of the applications have the same purpose, the chrome software reporter tool and chrome cleanup tool both detect suspicious applications from your system and ask you to delete them.

The software reporter tool is attached with the cleanup tool of google chrome and it sends the report to the cleanup tool and then the google chrome browser asks the user to delete those applications causing interference in smooth browsing with the help of cleanup tool. This is why both applications exist and also have their separate functionalities.

This tool is very helpful in creating good user experience and keeping suspicious softwares away from your PC that would harm you in any possible way. Here the main concern of users is regarding the memory consumption of software_reporter_tool that it slows down the PC but this happens only in few cases mostly when some cheap third-party software is installed that causes problems again and again for the browser; otherwise, it only takes about twenty to  twenty-five minutes at max for completely scanning the PC.


Common Issues of Chrome Software Reporter Tool

  • It may run multiple times in the background resulting in a high CPU because it will occupy RAM and disk space, slowing down the processing.
  • Software_Reporter_Tool gets crashed which also makes your browser stuck and starts showing errors.
  • It may delete necessary chrome add-ons installed by you because they may seem to be suspicious.
  • It also scans your system and sends reports in form of metadata that may harm your privacy concerns.


Can I disable the Software Reporter tool?

Yes, you can delete files of software_reporter_tool.exe or completely uninstall it from your pc, you can also rename it which will prevent it from executing automatically. But, keep in mind that this software will be installed again when you update your browser so you may need to remove it again after updating.


How to Disable Software_Reporter_Tool?

You can disable the software reporter tool in multiple ways and, we have created a step-by-step guide to help doing this.

This is completely your personal preference if you want to disable this tool. Overall it works fine and also prevents you from malware.

Click on this link to learn multiple methods of disabling this tool.


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